And then there was no need for a carrot (3)

It was already dark when the snowman was finished.

Well, it still needed some adjustments and the carrot issue had not been solved yet, but, all in all, it didn’t turn out too bad. She couldn’t think of a proper name for it…for him. “It” sounded so disrespectful. He had to be a boy because she had managed to make it a bit taller than she was, and his shape suggested one of those McDonald’s addicts. There were a couple of them in her class and they used to visit that restaurant at least once a day. The snowman reminded her of them.

She had no friends at school and the teachers had noticed that. She knew it, the way they looked at her and whispered when they thought she wasn’t looking. She liked school for the subjects, not the colleagues. And Miss Hayley was just like mommy when she didn’t use the sleeping potion.

Yes, mommy could be loving and tender and patient, sometimes. And she used to be like that all the time when daddy was around. She couldn’t remember him very well…but he used to take her in his arms and pretend she can fly. It was slow and safe, loving and distant. All the memories about him were blurry, sketchy fragments of the past.

With her finger, she began to draw a pattern on the snowman’s body, a zigzag all the way around. She couldn’t tell exactly why, but the model seemed to be pretty interesting. It was better than just putting in charcoal buttons. Her creation had to be different from all the other snowmen in the world. He would also have to have a name, to separate him from the crowd, make him special, and make him know who he is. She wondered how others felt everyday, the other children on the playground, her classmates, everybody else. They weren’t special. They all had their mothers and fathers and probably the same interests since they would always hang out together.

Being different was not so bad, after all. At least you could create something that stood out. And at least your mommy would have special potions, even if their effect was not so fairy tale like. And she knew that when mommy would finally wake up she would enjoy the fresh, cold air.


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